OneValenzuela Group proudly represents the following products and manufacturers:

Earth Shield

  • TPV Chemical Resistant Waterstop for Concrete Joints.
  • NSF Standard 61  Certified, EPA Compliant.
  • Metallic Waterstop for Extreme Chemical Resistance.
  • Hydrophilic Strip Waterstop.
  • Earth Shield Waterstop Retrofit Systems.
  • PVC Waterstop.

Nexus Coatings Group

  • International Ceilcote.
  • High Performance Coatings.
  • Anticorrosive Protection Systems.
  • Tank Linings: Steel & Concrete.
  • Fireproofing Systems.

Maxon Technologies CRS

  • Prevents Metal and Concrete Corrosion.
  • Primer That Extracts Oxygen.
  • Certified for Low Chemical Emissions.

Gateway Composites LLC

  • Structural Strengthening & Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Fabric.
  • Carbon Fiber Wraps.
  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber.
  • Bi-Directional Carbon Fiber.
  • Carbon Fiber Crack Repair Kits.
  • Insulator Veil Carbon Fiber.
  • Carbon Fiber Laminate Strips.
  • Non-Conductive Basalt Fabric.

Mining, Transportation and Safety Compliance Training Services

McCraren Compliance

  • Provides Safety Training and Consulting Services.
  • Specializing in Mining Construction and Fleet Safety.
  • Safety Staffing for Your Projects and Bids.

TUF BAR Fiberglass Rebar

  • TUF BAR Fiberglass Rebar.
  • Fiberglass ROCK BOLTS, Soil Nails.
  • Fiberglass Forming Systems.