Need Chemical-Resistant Concrete?

geopolymer concrete chemical resistant and varied aggregate sizes Geopolymer Solutions brings you sulfuric acid resistant and chemical resistant concrete.  When it’s exposed to these chemicals, even with extreme heat or permeability there is little to no mass loss.  It is Cold Fusion Concrete.

Ray Valenzuela and Geopolymer Solutions are extremely pleased to bring this latest corrosion- resistant solution to the Western USA mining and metals markets.

Product FP250 is geopolymer concrete spray or trowel applied fireproofing.



cross-section of geopolymer concrete which is chemical resistant and insulative



Resistant to freeze and thaw cycling.

High chemical resistance.

Can support an insulating R-value as high as 8 per inch of cellular material.

Dynamic and designer selected modulus properties.

Faster or slower set times which are operator determined.

Has an extremely low air and water permeability (unless a permeable mixture is requested).

Can withstand extreme heat without degradation.

Variable curing methods for ultimate strength in hours, days or weeks.


geopolymer concrete chemical resistant with little mass loss


is a variable size aggregate concrete material designed
specifically for resistance to sulfuric acid degradation
in various concentrations ranging from .01% to 98%
with little to no mass loss.


is produced at an approximate 4 to 6-inch slump and
is suitable for secondary containment and structural concrete;
it is commonly provided in ready mixed concrete transportation vehicles, but also provided in 55lb bags and Super Sacks.
Our structural formulas achieve unconfined compressive strengths from 7,000 to 10,000 psi.

Geopolymer’s Concrete is chemical resistant with

geopolymer concrete chemical resistant with variable set times and aggregate sizes

CUSTOMIZABLE working and curing times, assuring you have the right mix to make those repairs/ turnaround fast, efficient, effective and LONG-TERM.

Acceptable application temperature range should be as close to a maximum of about 90 degrees as is possible…the higher the application or substrate temperature, the shorter the working time.



geopolymer concrete chemical resistant and freeze-thaw cycle resistant



Fiber reinforced (micro) (sand size mixtures).
Fiber reinforced (micro and macro) (3/8″ and larger size aggregates).
Can be colored.
Utilized at slumps from 1” to 10”.
Resistant to freeze and thaw cycles.
Improves corrosion protection when in contact with metal.
Green Technology.



OneValenzuela Group offers consulting services for engineers and design-build teams about Geopolymer Concrete that’s chemical resistant. We can visit you on-site to help with your concrete specifications, or we can set up a webinar, product knowledge presentation (pk), or Lunch ‘n’ Learn to fit your time constraints. Please contact Ray at OneVG 520-668-4070 for a presentation designed for your company.

geopolymer concrete chemical resistant and can be colored for retrofits and repairs geopolymer concrete chemical resistant and the perfect fit for high sulfuric acid concentrated areas
geopolymer concrete is chemical resistant and has varied aggregate sizes for your compression needs

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